IT tips and help

Your confidence with IT

  • Whether you are confident using IT or a bit worried that something will go wrong, or you may get 'lost', we recognise that a supporting hand is often welcome. We try to make the ways we work online as straightforward as we can, and encourage you to have a go. Things can go wrong for everyone from time to time. Don't worry. It's normal!

  • We hope these pages will help you and assure you of personal support from our tutors and support service with IT issues. Please don't be afraid to ask for help!

  • Using your own tablet or phone for your course? Start by installing these apps from Google Playstore or iStore: Google Classroom, Docs, Sheets and Slides

Book your course on the Adult Learning website

  • When you have set up your account on the Adult Learning website (find your courses through More Courses), you can book onto one or more courses simply by logging in. Please make a note of your login password.

  • You will receive confirmation to your registered email address and a reminder a day or two before your course begins, with details of how to join your course.

  • Even if your course is in a face to face setting, you will be given access to a Google Classroom, where you can work with your course resources, both in the class and in your own time.

  • If you can't book online, you can ring 01604 367119 during office hours

IT in face to face courses

  • Face to face courses are normally supported with online resources on Google Classroom.

  • Using Google Classroom means you can also do your class work at home with your laptop, tablet or phone, simply by logging in to Classroom with your own account.

  • We often provide tablets for you to use in our live sessions.

  • Using your own tablet or phone? Make sure you have installed these apps: Google Classroom, Docs, Slides and Sheets

  • We support as we much as we can to make using IT in a live session straightforward for you.

  • View our simple guide for using a tablet.

How to take part in an online course

  • Online courses use Google Meet for the live video sessions and Google Classroom for your resources and work.

  • You need a Gmail address and password to access Google Classroom.

  • On your own mobile or tablet, you need these apps: Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets.

  • We send the link to your Classroom with your confirmation and reminder emails.

  • A link to Meet video calls will be at the top of the list as soon as you open your Classroom.

  • Everything takes place online including the opportunity to submit your work and communicate with your tutor. You do Not need any other programmes on your device (such as Microsoft Word) to join in.

  • Each group establishes its own 'Ground rules' to agree how we relate to each other online during the course.

  • Simple guide to use an ALS tablet.