Google Classroom

How to use Google Classroom in your course

About Classroom

  • Google Classroom is free and works on laptops, tablets and mobile. You don't need any other app or software (such as Microsoft Office). Everything simply works online.

  • To use Google Classroom you need a Gmail address and its password. Don't worry if you don't have a Gmail address - you can easily create one when you first visit your Class. Remember your password!

  • Most courses, both online and face to face, have a Classroom. Even if you don't use them in your session, you will find all your course resources there, so you can work with them at home.

  • For online sessions, a 2 hour online video session uses about 3Gb data.

After you have enrolled

  • After you have enrolled on your course on the Adult Learning website, look out for your email confirmation and reminders before it starts. These contain one simple link to join your Classroom. You will find a link to the Video 'Meet' conversation on Classroom when you get there

  • If you have any problems or need help, ring 01604 367119 during office hours.

Using your own tablet or mobile phone

  • If you are using your own tablet or mobile phone (not a laptop), you will need these apps:

Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides

  • You can download them free from Google Play/iStore

In some face to face courses, you may be provided with a tablet to use in sessions. View a quick intro to using Adult Learning tablets

Apps to download:  Google Classroom, Docs, Sheets and Slides

Go directly to Google Classroom -->

You need a gmail address and its password to login

If you have already used Classroom before, the Classroom dashboard will show the Classes you have joined.

Start working with Google Classroom

Three key tabs

Stream, Classwork and People view video (1.5 minutes)

Please note that on a tablet or mobile phone, these key tabs appear at the bottom of your screen